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Perfil del observador - Luís Gordinho

Nombre: Luís Gordinho
Fecha de nacimiento: 05/01/1973
Dirección: R. Frei Amador Arrais, 13 – 3º E 1700-202 Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Teléfono de contacto:
Correo electrónico:
Profesión actual: Environmental Technician in Private Co.
Paises visitados para la observación de aves: Azores, Dinamarca, Egipto, España, Francia, Gibraltar, Grecia, Madeira, Portugal, Suecia, Turquía

“Flash Gordinni: Bolt of Birding & Thunder of Twitching” is not the cocky birder that this nickname and slogan suggest (but he wrote this himself, so you may want to check out an independent source!). He is just a birder-ornithologist who didn’t let go of the emotional and humorous/crazy side of birding. Luís started birding in 1984, when he was 11 years old, and did his first ornithological work in 1991. As a biologist, he worked seven years in research (applied ecology) and 13 years in a private company (environmental consultancy). In 2020 he finished his PhD, which is about speciation in reed-buntings (using mostly acoustic, morphological and behavioural data). In birding his main interests are identification and vagrancy, not listing. Most of his birding is done within Iberia, but he has also traveled to the Atlantic Islands, Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Northern Europe in search of birds. Luís is one of the founders of the Portuguese Rarities Committee, in which he served from 1995 to 1997.

You can keep up with his latest bird records in the following URLs: and

The picture shows Luís harassing a Desert Wheatear at Vila do Conde (Porto) on 09-Dec-2011 – what a naughty birder! (many thanks to Júlio M. Neto for providing the photo).

My Trip Reports & News @ Reservoir Birds, 17Jan2016

Trip Reports/ Lists

  1. Parque Nacional de Doñana (Andaluzia, Espanha) – 22-Jul a 10-Ago-1989:

  2. Parque Nacional de la Montaña de Covadonga (Asturias, Espanha) – 13 a 27-Jul-1990:

  3. Spanish Pyrenees, 07-16Set2007 – Trip Report: Birds and Mammals of Tena & Benasque valleys -

  4. Birding Three Less-Know IBA’s of Greece: Meteora, Karla and Ymittos; 12-23Jun2009 -

  5. Birding Skåne (Sweden), 16-Jan to 16-Feb-2011 -

  6. Tablas de Daimiel National Park (Ciudad Real, Spain), 23 to 27-May-2011 -

  7. Extremadura and Castilla – La Mancha, 25 to 28-Jan-2012:

  8. Ebro Delta (from Lisbon and Back), 22-May to 5-June-2012: Thick-billed Reed Buntings and much more -

  9. Summary of Birding Highlights: Southern Sweden, 08-Mar to 16-Aug-2013 -


30/10/2013 - New Rarity Level for Continental Portugal: “! Rarities”

31/01/2014 - Sacarrão & Soares List of Portuguese Bird Names is Online

Estadísticas del observador
Listas del observador Número Actualizada Última especie contactada
Península Ibérica: 406 31/05/2020  Eider Común (Somateria mollissima) (01/01/2019) (Península de Tróia, Grândola, Setúbal)
Portugal: 396 31/05/2020  Eider Común (Somateria mollissima) (01/01/2019) (Península de Tróia, Grândola, Setúbal)
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Chorlitejo Mongol Chico (Charadrius mongolus)13/08/2003Monte Cabra, Setúbal1
Águila Esteparia (Aquila nipalensis)12/07/2015Lezíria Sul, Vila franca de Xira2
Gaviota Marfileña (Pagophila eburnea)18/11/2014Nazaré fishing harbour, Leiria7
Carricero Políglota (Acrocephalus palustris)05/09/1991Lagoa de Santo André, Santiago do Cacém7
Vencejo de Chimenea (Chaetura pelagica)04/09/2013Sagres (Vila do Bispo, Faro)9
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